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3    5 min     Started by Ravinder K     
Ravinder K
0 min 48 sec
6 mths ago
Please give your suggestions.
3 min 32 sec
6 mths ago
Comments to Ravinder K

0 min 46 sec
8 days ago
Personally, American bulldog is my favourite for the following characteristics because of the origin and temperament.
First of all, I would prefer American bulldog to be my favourite because of the origin. For example, I used in the bloody sport of bull bating because of the bulldog used them as all-around working dogs for many tasks including as guards and for hunting bear, wild boar, and squirrel.
Second of all, I also prefer American bulldog to be my favourite because of the temperament. For instance, The pet has strong protective instincts and needs a firm, confident because of the helping to prevent them from becoming reserved with strangers
As a result, I would prefer American bulldog to be my favourite for the above reasons.
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